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Giving’ with Queensland Baroque.

Here is your chance to make a real difference to the future of baroque music in Queensland.     Giving to Queensland Baroque is a great way to show your appreciation to both the arts in Queensland and to ensure that we can continue to bring you high quality baroque concerts for years to come.

All donations are welcome and no sum is too big or too small to make a real difference to our organisation.  If you are able to help us, please feel free to approach Queensland Baroque’s treasurer (Malcolm Liddell), who would love to hear from you.  Donors are eligible to receive exclusive benefits and can acknowledged for their kind contribution.  Queensland Baroque has the following categories of giving for our donors:

‘Cherub’ Donor $1 +

All donations are appreciated and sums of this amount help to pay for a range of day-to-day running costs.


‘Well-Tempered’ Donor $50 +

These donations help us to cover the expenses of hiring and purchasing music.


‘Seraphim’ Donor $100 +

This amount helps to go towards the cost of instrument hire and tuning.


‘Abblässen’ Donor $250 +

This amount helps cover the cost of an airfare for one of our interstate guest artists.


‘Courtly’ Donor $500 +

This amount goes towards the expense of hiring concert venues.


‘Prince Regent’ Donor $1000 +

Donations of this amount make it possible to invite some of Australia’s finest musicians and soloists to work with Queensland Baroque.


‘Fairy Queen’ Donor $5000 +

This level of giving allows Queensland Baroque to potentially increase the number of concerts we currently perform, as well contributing to the cost of purchasing new instruments for the orchestra.  ‘Fairy Queen’ donors receive a variety of special benefits as recognition from the orchestra.


‘The Conquering Hero’ Donor $10,000 +

These donations help secure Queensland Baroque’s future.  For this level of giving, the donor receives the naming rights for the Queensland Baroque concert season.  Additionally, donors at this level receive a variety of special benefits from the orchestra, including a private concert.

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